My Story.

'My art is my conversation with myself'

Saritha Uthappa was born in Bangalore, India in 1973. She is the middle of 3 siblings and has an older brother and younger sister.

While young she found herself fascinated by the shape, form & colour of things & faces around her. She observed & imagined stories for people, mostly strangers around and kept herself entertained. She enjoyed moulding and creating shapes with papier mache, expressing her thoughts in short poems & was also drawn to sketching. She spent all her free time playing outdoors with her siblings and friends and never formally sought training in the creative arts.

Instead, she pursued a career in finance and studied to be a Chartered Accountant first and Chartered Financial Analyst subsequently.

She enjoyed a brief career, involving multiple breaks for a short period of relocation to Europe,  and having and raising kids  (now a teen and a preteen).

Whilst  in Europe , she frequented the famous museums and found herself lost in some of the paintings & sculptures. She was drawn in by their beauty and the power of their depiction.  These had left an undefinable but indelible impression on her.

When she found  that  she was picking up canvas and paints on and off, she decided impulsively to pursue a Diploma in Fine Arts from Bharatiya Kala Kendra through the Institute of Performing Arts (Gurugram). Her formal journey into arts had thus begun…..


I am

Saritha Uthappa

My work is a result of contemplation of the small and big questions in life which I pose for myself. I draw from my own experience, those of people around me and from external events which leave a deep impression on me.

 I let these ideas germinate until I am ready to translate them into an actual work of art , by applying the emotional, intellectual and artistic aspects of myself to the ideas. Sometimes, however, it is simply a matter of conveying an image that has floated into my head, onto the canvas. 

 Most of the time, my paintings are also accompanied by a short poem or verse as if to complete the expression of the idea.

 I enjoy working with oils & acrylic. I work from our apartment in Delhi NCR, India.  Thanks to COVID and presence of spouse & kids all working from home, I am in a constant state of migration within the house. However, I love having them around as it nourishes me, and I enjoy listening to their thoughts on the subject of my painting and its progress.